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About us


We are a family based in Sandnes, on the south-west coast of Norway.
And breed malinois from working lines.

Our first Belgian shepherd arrived in 2001 and since that time - our experience and understanding of the breed has been
shaped and developed mainly by dog training through different activities like:
Obedience, search & rescue, military, IGP - but also 
mental descriptions, dog shows and of course breeding.

We have also travelled across Europe - to find good breeding males, learn about different bloodlines - but also to watch and understand the different dogsports that has been a part of shaping the breed in different ways.

These experiences has shaped our understanding and opinion of what a good working dog is and personal preferences of what we think is a complete dog.

That being said - the perfect dog is more or less impossible to find. When we plan for breeding - we try to find bloodlines that work good together. 

When choosing male for our female - we would like to strengthen the good qualities of the female,
but also look for a male witch has the qualities the female might be missing.

Our breeding is always with a long term plan in mind, we dont make breedings that we would not consider to keep a puppy from our self. 

In short - qualities that we look for in selection for breeding:
Good food drive, high prey drive, possessive ness, natural bite qualities, courage, environmental strength, engagement, curious , social skills.
High intensity at work, good on/off button - low negative stress - because it also can effect and delay the learning process during training.

In general a strong and balanced mentality.

And of course good health.

The specific qualities we are looking for is a very BIG topic and we could probably write a long article with this topic alone...

In a optimal world - we want all these qualities collected in one dog.

That being said - breeding is a complexed thing, and in our opinion  it IS NOT POSSIBLE to make a promise of what you get.
We can only tell you what we hope for and expect from a specific combination.

Like already mentioned - breeding is a complex thing and even if we like to use balanced individuals,
sometimes we also tend to use individuals that are towards the limit of extreme qualities of what we search for.

The reasons for this can be many, 
but in general we always try to look at the bigger picture and have an idea of long term breeding over generations.

We like to think that we found some specific bloodlines with certain traits that we like,
but still we need to search outside these lines - because of the genetic pool as well.

Staying with in a certain bloodline might feel more safe when - when it comes to getting an expected results.

In many cases we find it  difficult to decide when to discard a certain bloodline or not.

We had many situations where we have  considered to stop using certain lines,
just to realize we find the same  problems in the bloodlines we try to replace it with as well.

 We decided to write this in hope that both our previous and future potential puppy buyers understand our way of thinking when it comes to breeding - and that there are many factors that are taken into account before making a decision of witch individuals that are put together in breeding selection.

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If you are considering to buy a dog from us - its expected that you have a plan to train and work with your dog,
with in some sort of dogsport or similar activity (search/rescue, security, police, military etc). 

We experience that in many cases some buyers have unrealistic expectations for their puppies.
Please remember, that puppies are exactly that - puppies. 

It seems like some people belive the malinois is born fearless
and is delivered fully developed  at the age of 8 weeks old. 

Different bloodlines/combination sometimes make the puppies develope different  - and sometimes we might just have bad luck,
meaning things might not always  turn out as we hoped for or expected.

Ofcourse we are not saying that when things dont work out - its the buyers fault.
Not at all.

We can both be unlucky with selection of dogs and match with new owner - but we have also seen how much small specific details in training can make enormous changes for the results.

In any cases we expect you as a buyer to have a strong feeling of responsibility towards your dog.

And when problems occur - we expect that you search help from someone who is suited to help you.

We experience that  in many cases when the dogs dont fall into the owners expectations,
its simply just put down or rehomed.

We are fully aware that unexpected events can occur - but if you dont intend to give your future puppy a permanent home - you can go ahead and buy your future puppy from another breeder.

In these days we experience the popularity of the breed is 
unfortunately also among buyers - witch should not have a working dog.

With this in mind - we want to make it clear, we do not want to breed dogs adapted to the type the "market" might ask for.

We simply dont care what the "market" ask for. 

The malinois is first and foremost a working dog and that is how we would like to keep it.

We are very passionate about the breed - and our breeding program will simply be defined by the type of malinois that we like.

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